Using multiple copies of the same application

It can sometimes be useful to have multiple copies of the same application runnable inside Snowflake. For example, you may want to have multiple Media apps with different content or multiple copies of Guestbook with different forms.

How to

Creating multiple copies of the same app is done in five steps:

1. Locate the folder of the app that you want to make a copy of. Application folders are found in "INSTALL_PATH\bin\applications", where INSTALL_PATH is the location where you installed Snowflake Suite.

2. Make a copy of the folder inside of the bin\applications folder and rename it to something suitable (for example "Media02" or "Guestbook02").

3. Go into the new folder. You should see an icon image, a folder labeled "data" and a .nui file. Rename the .nui file to the same thing as the application folder.

4. Change the content and settings of the application copy as desired. You should be able to see the copy inside of the Configurator. To change the content of specific applications, see their respective pages on the wiki.

5. Add the application to the set of applications available within Snowflake from the Menu List section of the Configurator. Instructions on how to modify the menu is provided in this link.

You should now be able to run the application copy within Snowflake.