A multi-touch browser application that can be used to surf the web. You can pinch the screen to zoom in and drag to scroll the page. Some websites support drag and drop interaction. You can easily access the “lock” option in the corner menu to switch from zooming to drag and drop interaction. Browser also has the ability to view any PDF opened from a link directly in the browser. It also supports downloading files, any file downloaded is placed under Documents/NUITEQ/Downloads/ or Documents/NUITEQ Snowflake/Downloads/ depending on the edition.

You can customize the start page and a lot of other things via the Configurator. All elements besides the web page can be turned on or off depending on your needs (i.e. top bar, address bar, home button etc.).

Any pdf that is downloaded on the browser app will be automatically opened in Canvas. If the Canvas app doesn't exist it will open up in Media app.

When trying to watch videos in the Snowflake Browser, note that videos that rely on H.264 for video codecs can't be played.


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You can bookmark a page by touching the star in the toolbar while viewing that page. If the star is filled the page is already bookmarked. All bookmarks can be viewed and opened by selecting the grid icon in the toolbar. To remove a bookmark, open the bookmarks menu and touch the small "x" in the top right corner of the bookmark.

There is also a small snowflake icon in the top left corner of the bookmarks. Touching this icon so it is filled means the bookmark is also available directly from the Snowflake main menu, where it will show up in a category called "Bookmarks". You can touch the icon again to remove the bookmark from the main menu.

Tabbed Browsing

You can browse in a new tab by pressing the '+' button on the rightmost part of the tab bar. The tab bar can be made visible by tapping on the tab icon next to the bookmarks icon. After opening a new tab you can go back to any previously opened tab by clicking on the title of the tab.

Displaying Flash applications

The Browser is capable of displaying Flash applications as long as you have a compatible version of Flash installed. You can download the latest version here , though please keep in mind that you must select "FP for Opera and Chromium - PPAPI" in the version selection drop-down menu. Internet Explorer or Google Chromes versions of flash will not work.

It isn't possible to make use of Flash multitouch interaction using this method.

Please note that you need to set the proxy settings from the Configurator app, that comes pre-installed with Snowflake, if your internet is only accessible over a Proxy server. The instructions on how to setup a proxy server is provided here.

Video tutorials

The Browser app and Zones

The Browser app