Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

General Issues

Keyboard shortcuts

While running Snowflake, the following keyboard shortcuts can be used:

EscCloses Snowflake
F1Help screen with information about the keyboard shortcuts
F2FPS (Frames Per Second) which indicates the performance. The higher the number, the better the performance.
F3Turns the mouse on/off
F4Local IP address
F5Snowflake version number, release date and time
F6Connected iOS and Android devices
F12Print screen (screenshots are saved in Documents/NUITEQ/Screenshots/ or Documents/NUITEQ Snowflake/Screenshots/ depending on edition)


Q: How much does Snowflake cost?
A: Snowflake is only a one time cost, so there are no monthly fees or hidden costs and support is included at no additional cost. For a quote, please contact us.

Q: What resolution does Snowflake support?
A: Snowflake supports any resolution, including 4K and Full HD.

Q: I don't get any inputs in Snowflake, what should I do?
A: Make sure that you have installed appropriate drivers for your touch device.

Q: I am experiencing graphical glitches with Snowflake, what should I do?
A: Make sure that you have installed the latest graphic card drivers of the graphic card manufacturer (not just the default Windows one).

Q: I have no touchscreen. Can I still check out Snowflake?
Q: I want to use Snowflake with a mouse for testing, is that possible?
A: Yes it is possible, press 'F3' on your keyboard to toggle between having mouse support enabled/disabled. Left mouse click to emulate a touch and right mouse click to emulate multiple touches.

Q: How do I turn off the Snowflake input markers?
A: Open the Configurator to change this setting.

Q: My annotations/screenshots/Snowflake Remote just shows a black screen, what should I do?
A: Open the Configurator, go to the Misc tab, and enable the "Read back buffer" setting.

Note that if you are using a Snowflake version older than 4.9.1, that setting will be missing from the Configurator. In that case you need to navigate to where you installed Snowflake and then go into the "bin" folder (INSTALL_PATH\bin). Open the file called "Config.cfg" in a text editor and add the text: ReadBackBuffer: "True" on a new line anywhere. INSTALL_PATH is often by default the Program Files or Program Files (x86) on one of your hard drives, for example C: or D:, followed by Snowflake Suite, so for example C:\Program Files (x86)\Snowflake Suite\

Q: Some of my videos don't play correctly, how can I fix it?
A: Please see our guide for converting videos.

Q: Can I remove applications from the Snowflake menu?
A: Yes you can. Look at the section here to see how you can customize it.

Q: How do I close applications?
A: Either by using the corner menu inside the application and selecting the X or by dragging the window outside the screen (window mode).

Q: Which operating systems does Snowflake run on?
A: See the "Operating system" part of the system requirements here.

Q: How do I change backgrounds?
A: You change backgrounds in the Configurator.

Q: Can I load my own content into Snowflake?
A: Yes, we have made changing content as accessible and easy as possible, so that you can load your own content without having to contact us. For more details, please have a look at the Applications manual.

Q: My screen is just black when I launch Snowflake, what should I do?
A: Please make sure that your system meets the required minimum specifications for running Snowflake. You should also try updating your graphics card drivers .

Q: I currently already have a touch based hardware solution (touch foil or screen overlays) from a specific company, does that work with your software?
A: Snowflake is compatible with any interactive whiteboard, projector and touch panel. To see the supported operating systems, please view this page.

Q: While running Snowflake the Windows screensaver starts and Snowflake stop working.
A: This is usually caused by a conflict between Snowflake and the screensaver, in case both applications are trying to access the hardware at the same time. It is advised to turn off the screensaver while running Snowflake.

Q: When running Lessons in NUITEQ Snowflake, I have some blank cards showing up where I select a lesson type?
A: This is usually a sign of a previous version of NUITEQ Snowflake not being completely uninstalled before a new version was installed. The easiest way to get rid of these is to uninstall NUITEQ Snowflake and then install it again.

Q: Snowflake is running slow even though I pass the system requirements?
A: Note that the graphics card system requirements may be slightly higher when using a 4k or larger display. You could try switching to a smaller display or running Snowflake in a smaller window and see if that makes a difference.

Q: Can I run Snowflake in Kiosk mode?
A: Snowflake offers the ability to only launch one specific application (kiosk-mode). When doing this, only the specified application is loaded and automatically started in maximised mode. None of the other Snowflake applications (or menus) are loaded.

To launch a specific application:

  1. Create a new short-cut to Snowflake Suite/bin/release/Snowflake.exe
  2. In the target field, add "exclusive <application folder>" (without the "" and <>)

For example:
Target: "C:\Program Files (x86)\Snowflake Suite\bin\release\Snowflake.exe" exclusive Media

This will launch only the Media application. The "Start in" value should always be the Snowflake Suite/bin/release folder (for example "C:\Program Files (x86)\Snowflake Suite\bin\release")

When trying to open SF in Kiosk mode using macOS you need to create a .command file with the following content:
cd “/Applications/multiteach/bin/release”; “./Snowflake.app/Contents/MacOS/Snowflake” exclusive Media

After clicking on the created .command file it will launch only the Media application.


Q: Which apps are included in each Snowflake edition?
A: See this page for a list of apps included in each Snowflake edition.

Q: Can I have multiple media/pdf applications with separate content?
A: Yes you can. For more details, please have a look at the instructions on this page.

Q: Some of my images in the Media app show up as blank empty images, what can be the problem?
A: You have run out of texture memory. To solve this problem, make sure your graphic card has at least 256 Mb of memory. If you still have empty images, please make the resolution of the pictures smaller or use fewer images.

Q: My videos/pictures don't show up in the Media app. Why?
A: Make sure the video/pictures are off the correct file format. Supported formats include jpg, jpeg, tga, png, dds, gif, tif, tiff, bmp, mov, mp4 and mp3.

Q: The Media app isn't playing video files, how do I solve that?
A: Your video files may not be in a format that is compatible with Snowflake, if you need help with converting them to a compatible format see Converting videos for Snowflake

Q: How do I add my own content to a certain application?
A: See the Snowflake Applications Manual


Q: Do you guys have video tutorials?
A: Yes we do. You can find them here. If you think anything is missing, please let us know.

Q: I want to have a customised software application, can NUITEQ® help with this?
A: Yes, in addition to providing our standard software solution Snowflake, we also offer the service of developing customised software solutions that fit your exact needs and wishes.

Q: Which hardware solution do you recommend to utilize in combination with Snowflake?
A: Choosing the correct hardware depends on several different factors, like; dimensions, usage scenario etc. NUITEQ offers recommendations based on that and can introduce you to its hardware partners.


Q: Can I have multiple versions of Snowflake Suite installed at the same time?
A: Yes, however this is not recommended. For the best Snowflake experience we recommend you to uninstall the previous version before installing a new one.

Q: The Register Snowflake Suite dialog does not seem to work?
A: Please make sure that you are running it as Administrator as this is needed for it to function properly. Right-click the application and select Run as Administrator.

Q: Why does the Snowflake Suite installer start automatically when I log into Windows?
A: The (un)installation has not finished cleanly. Please follow these steps to remove the issue:

  1. Restart Windows
  2. Once the Snowflake Suite installer starts, press ctrl-alt-del and select Start Task Manager
  3. In the list of active processes, locate "snowflake_...", right-click on it and select "Open File Location"
  4. A folder window should open, showing you the location of the executable file
  5. Remove the executable

Q: Snowflake does not launch or freezes while operating, on Windows 10?
A: Please make sure you are on the latest version of Windows 10. Some of the video card drivers do not work properly if the Anniversary update is not installed. If your windows version is greater than 1607 then you have Anniversary update installed.

Q: Snowflake shows only the background video with no app icons after installation. How to fix this?
A: Navigate to the 'Documents' folder and rename the corresponding NUITEQ folder (NUITEQ or NUITEQ Snowflake). This will make Snowflake launch with its default settings.

Q: Does every computer user need their own Snowflake Account?
A: No. To use Snowflake, you only need to log in once per computer and not once per computer user.

Q: Does logging in to a Snowflake Account require admin access?
A: Yes.

Q: Will users need admin access to use the software?
A: No. Just make sure that you have logged the computer in to a working Snowflake Account after the Snowflake installation. Also make sure that every computer user on the system has read access to ProgramData\NUITEQ Snowflake

Q: Should I log the computer in to a Snowflake Account with admin access after finishing the installation?
A: Yes. This is a must for any user to be able to use the software. You can automate this process. More info can be found here: https://docs.nuiteq.com/tiki-index.php?page=RegisterSnowflake#Automation

Activation & Licenses

Q: I already have Snowflake licenses, where are my available license slots?
A: Head over to account.nuiteq.com, log in and click on Redeem Code, fill your license key in and click redeem. The available license slot will become visible under Licenses overview.

Q: There is a temporary Flow and Snowflake slot available, what is that?
A: When you register a Snowflake account, the system automatically generates these temporary license slots, so that you can evaluate those editions.

Q: What are the benefits of this new license system?
A: You can access the Snowflake license management system whenever you want, wherever you are, as long as you have an internet connection. Now it is easier to keep track of your license slots and you no longer have to keep track of which key is used where. Forgetting to deactivate a license or a crashed computer is a problem of the past, so is misspelling a license code. Snowflake resellers can also easily transfer available licenses slots to their customers.

Q: Do I always need an internet connection to use Snowflake?
A: You only need an internet connection the first time you sign with Snowflake. The computer that you have installed Snowflake on, needs to be connected at least once every 14 days to the internet, otherwise the license slot will be automatically logged out and becomes available again.

Q: I have redeemed a code and a license slot has become available. Now what do I do?
A: Start Snowflake. You’ll be asked to login with the same email address and password, that you used to register your Snowflake account. Snowflake will then automatically look in the license management system, if there is an available license slot and that's it.

Q: I have redeemed a code but when I log in, the License overview tells me "You don’t have any available license slots yet."
A: If you are running Internet Explorer or Microsoft Edge, you may need to refresh the page to have it show the correct information.

Q: What does the Transfer licenses section do?
A: If you have available license slots, you can transfer them to other Snowflake accounts. This feature is typically used by Snowflake resellers and NUITEQ partners.

Q: When I start Snowflake and log in, I get an error saying "Corrupt response from server"
A: Your connection is probably filtering your internet access, probably through proxy or a firewall. For this to work you, or your IT department, need to allow access to https://licenseapi.nuiteq.com.

Q: I’m still having questions, what to do?
A: Please feel free to email as at support at nuiteq.com and we will gladly assist you with any questions that you might have.


Q: I'm a student, how can I login to Snowflake(web)?
A: Talk to your teacher, he/she can create a Snowflake(web) account for you.

Q: I'm a teacher, how can I login to Snowflake(web)?
A: If you are a teacher, please make sure that your IT admin has created a Snowflake(web) account for you.

Q: I can't seem to login, what should I do?
A: Kindly note that the Snowflake(web) account is a different account than the Lessons Community account. If you have a Snowflake account, you can use those Snowflake account login credentials also to login to your Snowflake(web) account.

Q:I’m a school IT-admin, a teacher asked me to setup their Snowflake(web) account. What should I do?
1. Set up a Snowflake account for your organisation at account.nuiteq.com
2. Redeem codes if you have any
3. Go to Profile
4. Enter teacher e-mail addresses one-by-one under sub-logins

Q: I am a teacher. How can I add students to my Snowflake(web) account?
A: If you want to add a student to your Snowflake(web) account, you should first create a class. Once you have created a class, you can add a student to that class. After you have added a student to the class, the student will receive an email with details on how to sign in.

Q: I have created a list of multiple assignments. Can I send all of these assignments all at once to a class of students?
A: This is currently not yet possible. We are however working on this feature and it will be available in the upcoming weeks. So currently, you can send out each assignment separately.

Q: Can I create lessons in the Snowflake desktop software, rather than Snowflake(web) and still send it to the students?
A: Yes you can. After you have created a lesson in the Snowflake desktop software, just upload it to the Lessons Community. Once it is uploaded there, you can access it also from your Snowflake(web) account, which allows you to send it to students.

Q: Will lessons I create in Snowflake(web) be available for use on the interactive screen be MultiTouch?
A: Yes, as long as your touch screen supports multitouch.

Q: In which browsers does the multitouch functionality work with Snowflake(web)?
A; Snowflake(web)'s multitouch functionality is the most optimal in Chrome. Safari is supported on OS X (Mac) and iOS only. Firefox only supports single touch.

Q: Can everyone use the online version of Lessons?
A: Everyone with a NUITEQ Snowflake license can use the online version of Lessons.

Q: When I’ve made a lesson in Snowflake(web), on for example a tablet, can it be transferred to a computer that is connected to a front of class display with NUITEQ Snowflake?
A: Yes. When you make a lesson in Snowflake(web), you can upload it from there to the Lessons Community. If you then start NUITEQ Snowflake and then run the Lessons app inside Snowflake, you can then download that lesson from the community, from inside Snowflake and run it.

Q: Do I need a touch screen to use Snowflake(web)?
A: You don’t need a touch screen to use Snowflake(web). Snowflake(web) also supports a mouse. However for to best leverage its full potential, we recommend using Snowflake(web) with a multi-user touch screen.