Purpose and Description

Arrange is a lesson type that supports presentation and creation of timelines. Students select items, randomly placed at the top and bottom of the screen, and place these in the correct order on a timeline. More than one student can interact with the screen at the same time. The Arrange lesson supports multiple rounds of play, and each round can be titled according to topic.

Arrange supports understanding of sequential concepts, such as life cycles, the water cycle, seasons, the order of historical events, or steps required to complete tasks or a process.

How it works: Play Mode


The items are placed on the timeline by dragging them to the marked points. The "Hide guide" or "Show guide" options in the top left menu can be toggled to hide or show which items are correctly placed. This app supports self-correction by allowing the student to move an item to the correct location if the first choice was incorrect. After one round is completed, students advance to the next round. Items can display images, text, text + images, and can also include audio. Attached audio plays when the items are placed in the correct location.

Some lessons have a YouTube video linked to it and can show up at the beginning of the lesson. The video can be dismissed by pressing the X in the top right corner, or by pressing any key on the keyboard.

How to build

Manage Content

The Manage Content Screen opens upon selecting the lesson type, where content for the lesson can be set. Below is an example from a previously created lesson.


Type in the title of the lesson in the textbox located at the top left-hand side of the screen.

Next, tap the Create Round button to enter the title for each round planned for the lesson. For items to appear on the screen, content bars created using the Create Content feature must be placed beneath the corresponding title for each round of the lesson.

Tap the "CREATE CONTENT" button to add each content bar needed for the lesson. Within each content bar, items can be set to display as text-only, image only, or text+image, and include audio, for this lesson type. Drag the text field to re arrange the position of the items.


Enter the text for each item, and then use the "BACKGROUND" button located on the right side of the bar to import images to show in the Arrange timeline. You can also attach an audio file using the "SOUND" button. Selecting either of these buttons will activate a file browser.

From this browser, you can select files from your computer, or enter a search term and select files from the Internet. You will need to go to the CUSTOMIZE CONTENT screen to complete the next steps required for ordering the items in the lesson.

Customize Content Screen

Selecting the Customize Content Screen button, located to the middle-left of the Preview screen, just above the content bars will open up the following screen. This example shows what the screen looks like for a previously created lesson.


The text for the start and end points of the line can be entered in the START and END text fields.
Below the start and end text is a list of objects which displays their number and content with the marker, in order to easily identify them. Markers are placed on the line within the object and can be arranged by dragging them. Each marker represent where an object is correctly placed.

Each round has its own start and end texts with the objects belonging to that round underneath.

The orange Update Preview button will set your items in the order they’ll appear in the lesson.

Preview Screen

The Preview Screen, located in the top right of the interface will display items as you work. After you complete making the lesson, the Preview screen provides a way to play the lesson and check if any changes are needed.


In the Text section, located beneath the Preview Screen, you can select the font, font size, font color, and font shadow.

In the Background section you can choose a background for your lesson. Under Theme you can choose a Snowflake theme from a drop-down menu. Under Background you can use the orange button to open a file browser and select an image from your hard drive or the internet.

In the Gameplay section, you can activate and set a timer.
To interact with the lesson in full-screen mode, press Play.

Video Tutorials

How to Play and Create an Arrange Lesson