Purpose and Description

The Guess lesson provides students with a way to guess letters to form words that correspond with content related to the topics they are studying.

Students are presented with a row of blank spaces, with a letter bank below. Students tap the correct letters, and if correct, the letter or letters that correspond to the word appear. For each incorrect response, a heart symbol is lost.

A background image related to the lesson topic can be selected.


How it works: Play Mode

On "My Lessons" page search for the lesson that you want to create. Use the filters to the right to streamline your search. Once you find the desired lesson, touch the "Play" icon located on the middle of the lesson to open it.


Some lessons have a YouTube video linked to it and can show up at the beginning of the lesson. The video can be dismissed by pressing the X in the top right corner, or by pressing any key on the keyboard.

How to Build

Manage Content

The Manage Content Screen opens upon selecting the lesson type, where content for the lesson can be set. Below is an example from a previously created lesson.

Type in the title of the lesson in the textbox located at the top left-hand side of the screen.


Tap the CREATE CONTENT button to add each content bar needed for the lesson.

Preview Screen


The Preview Screen, located in the top right of the interface, will display the current state of the lesson as you update your work. After you are done making the lesson, the Preview screen provides a way to play the lesson and check if any changes are needed.

As you add a content the total number of words added will be displayed on the top right of the screen, with the number of the current playing word from the newest word. Each wrong guess of letter will decrease the life of the lesson by one. This is notified by the heart just above the alphabets list.

On Guess of the whole word or if you empty the hearts available you can move to the next word by pressing the "NEXT" button.

On completing all the words, you can repeat all the words by tapping the "RESTART" button. You can hide or reveal the word by using the button on the bottom right of the screen. The words are hidden by default.

In the Background section you can choose a background for your lesson. Under Theme you can choose a NUITEQ Snowflake theme from a drop-down menu. Under Background you can use the orange button to open a file browser and select an image from your hard drive or the internet.

The text setting lets you choose the font style, font color and allows you set the shadow for the text by enabling or disabling the tick mark. The shadow feature is using while using a dark background.

In the Gameplay section, you can make the objects ordered or randomized by choosing the corresponding options. Ordered is the default option. You can activate and set a timer as well.

To interact with the lesson in full-screen mode, press Play.

Video tutorials

How to Play and Create a Guess Lesson