Purpose and Description

Tags is a lesson type that provides students the ability to identify and label items in a diagram or image. It is good for previewing and reviewing information in a visual way. It can support teaching and learning of subject-matter vocabulary concepts.


How it works: Play mode

On "My Lessons" page search for the lesson that you want to create. Use the filters to the right to streamline your search. Once you find the desired lesson, touch the "Play" icon located on the middle of the lesson to open it.


After opening the lesson, a picture or diagram will appear on the left side of the screen, with empty tags set in various locations. On the right hand side of the screen there will be a list, each with a corresponding number tag. Students drag the number tag to the corresponding locations. If the item is correctly placed, the background of the number tag will be green, and a green check mark will appear next to the item in the list. If it's placed in the wrong location, it will turn red, and a red X will appear in the list.

Pressing the Hide/Reveal button, located above the tags list, can be used to move objects to their marked locations or back to their starting positions. The background image can be moved by dragging, or zoomed in or out by pinching.

Some lessons have a YouTube video linked to it and can show up at the beginning of the lesson. The video can be dismissed by pressing the X in the top right corner, or by pressing any key on the keyboard.

How to build

Manage Content


The Manage Content Screen opens upon selecting the lesson type, where content for the lesson can be set. Below is an example from a previously created lesson. Items are listed in the Preview and Play screens in the same order as listed in the Manage Content screen.

Tap the Create Content button to add each content bar needed for the lesson. Within each content bar, Items can be set to display as text-only for this lesson type.

Enter the text for each item in the text boxes. The handles located on the right side of each text/content bar let you move them into the order you choose. Select the circle icon to the left of each bar to delete the item.

Customize content


The Customize Content screen provides ways to set the image and to choose where the tags should be placed on it.

Tap the green Browse button to open a file browser where you can select an image or a diagram from your hard drive.

Above the image, there are numbered green buttons with the text that was previously entered in the Manage Content screen. Tap on the first button, and a numbered tag will appear in the middle of the screen. Drag this tag to the desired location on the image. Repeat for each item.

To disable a tag, touch the corresponding numbered text button located above the image.


If you need more flexibility in placing the tags, you can rotate the tag 45 degrees at a time by pressing the small icon visible above each tag in this view.

On tapping the "TAG COLORS" button a list of colors shows up. You can choose any color for tags by selecting the color and clicking on any of the tag to apply the chosen color to it.

The undo button can be used to restore the previous colors. To give the same color to all the tags, select a color from the list and click on the "ALL" button. Use the randomize button to randomly choose a color to the individual tags.


Preview Screen


The Preview Screen, located in the top right of the interface, will display the current state of the lesson as you update your work. After you are done making the lesson, the Preview screen provides a way to play the lesson and check if any changes are needed.

In the Text section, located beneath the Preview Screen, you can select the font for the text in the lesson.

In the Background section you can choose a background for your lesson. Under Theme you can choose a Snowflake theme from a drop-down menu. Under Background you can use the orange button to open a file browser and select an image from your hard drive or the internet.

In the Gameplay section, you can arrange the words as they are added with the letters in their place by using the ordered setting. This is the default setting. The randomized setting lets you randomize the letters in a word. The all random option randomizes both the word and the letters in them. You can activate and set a timer.

To interact with the lesson in full-screen mode, press Play.