Activating Snowflake

How to set up licensing for a school as an IT admin

1. Set up a Snowflake account for the school at https://account.nuiteq.com . We recommend that you create the account using an e-mail address such as snowflake at yourdomain.com or similar rather than a personal e-mail. Please note that you should not set up a Snowflake account for each user, one account for the entire school is the recommended setup.
2. Log in to that Snowflake account on https://account.nuiteq.com
3. Press Redeem code in the top bar and then put in your codes one-by one to redeem these codes. It is good practice to go through all of your codes and make sure you have redeemed those codes into that very same Snowflake account.

At this point you can use this Snowflake account to log in to Snowflake on all the computers that are managed by the school. If you use some kind of software deployment system, you can automate this as explained here

Since this Snowflake account is only used for registering the license when installing the Snowflake software, it is recommended that all computers that are managed by school IT are logged in to the same Snowflake account, this greatly simplifies things as it is done at install time. The main benefit of doing this is, that it can be done without needing to provide individual teachers the password to the Snowflake account.

Lessons online and personal devices

With this done if teachers want to either install the software on a personal computer or access Lessons Online lessons.nuiteq.com. You only need to add sub-logins for the teachers that need access to Lessons Online or to install the software on their personal computer in the Snowflake account.

The way to do this is to:

1. Log in to the Snowflake account.
2. In the top bar press “Sub-logins”.
3. Here you can add the e-mail addresses of teachers that should be allowed to use Lessons Online, either one-by one or by importing a CSV list.

This process is in detail described here . Alternatively you can view this video to follow the procedure of sub login creation.

Teachers that are added this way, can use the school’s license pool as long as they are a sub-login of the schools Snowflake account. However they do not have access to go in to the Snowflake account and administer the licenses. That is limited only to the people who know the login details for the Snowflake account (typically IT admins).

In the control panel on the Snowflake account page you can also deauthorise any computer by clicking on the little power symbol on that computer card and pressing “Yes” in the confirmation dialog that shows up which will then free up that license slot for re-use.

Screenshots below are taken running Windows 10 and the Firefox web browser but looks similar on other operating systems and browsers.

Video tutorial

This video gives the general overview on the licensing and activation and also describes the different tabs in the https://account.nuiteq.com/ page.


Please note that Hotmail email addresses are not supported. Please try registering with a different email account, if you are using Hotmail.

Since Snowflake 4.9 (release early October 2015), a Snowflake account is required to activate license codes for Snowflake Business and Snowflake MultiTeach®. To register a Snowflake account, go to (https://account.nuiteq.com/ ) or simply open Snowflake.

Log in dialog
Log in dialog

When you start Snowflake, a login dialog is opened automatically. If you already have a Snowflake account, you can log in here. If you don't have a Snowflake account yet, click the link with the text "Click here to register". You can also register your account here . Please note that even though you already have Snowflake licenses, this does not mean that you have a Snowflake account.

Registration dialog
Registration dialog

In this step, you can enter your email address and a desired password. Please note that the password must be at least 6 characters long. Your password can be changed at a later stage. After pressing the "Register" button, you will receive an email with further instructions. Please follow the instructions in the email to finalize registering your Snowflake account. If you do not receive this email, please check your spam filter.

Redeem code
Redeem code

After you have successfully registered your Snowflake account, you can redeem your license code. Simply enter the license code in the text field and press the "Redeem" button.

Manage Snowflake account

When logged in via the web page (https://account.nuiteq.com/ ), you can use the tabs in the top to manage your licenses, redeem additional licenses or transfer licenses to other Snowflake accounts. You can also edit your email address and change your password.

Trial licenses

Trial licenses
Trial licenses

When you register your Snowflake account for the first time at account.nuiteq.com , you automatically receive two 14 day trial license slots to evaluate the software. You will receive one Snowflake Business license slot and one Snowflake MultiTeach® license slot.

Manage & deactivate licenses

Licenses tab
Licenses tab

In the Licenses tab, you can see your redeemed licenses and which computer they are currently used on. To make a license slot that is currently being used available, press the button on the left side of the slot.

Transfer licenses

Transfer licenses tab
Transfer licenses tab

The Transfer licenses tab is where you can transfer license slots to other accounts. This option is available for everyone, but is typically used by Snowflake resellers and NUITEQ partners. Send any number of your unused license slots that you wish to transfer. Enter the email address of the the person that you wish to receive the license slot(s) and press the "Send" button.


Logging in Snowflake to an account can be automated by passing command line parameters to the SnowflakeLogin.exe application. The way you do this is by calling it with -username <username> and -password <password>. For example:

SnowflakeLogin.exe -username example@example.com -password examplepassword

This can of course be automated in any way you can run an exe, so it is ideal for being put in a post-install script when doing automated deploys to larger numbers of computers. Important thing is just to remember that it needs to be run with administrative access or it will fail.


A sub-login can use the licenses in this account but can't administer them.

This is a feature for use in situations where you have users that should not have full admin rights to the licenses. Examples of this are in school or business setups where users should be able to use the software but not manage the pool of licenses for the organisation.

In situations such as those the main account would belong to IT and the teachers or employees would have sub-logins.


See the FAQ page here
See the Snowflake Deployment FAQ page here

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