Converting videos for Snowflake Suite

Sometimes you might encounter problems when playing certain videos in Snowflake Suite. This might be caused by a number of different reasons, for example wrong file format, non-supported codecs or simply damaged files. By following the steps below you should be able to convert your video to a format that is fully compatible with Snowflake Suite.


1. Download the NUITEQ Video Converter from https://transfer.nuiteq.com/downloads/NUITEQ_VideoConverter.zip
2. Unzip the package on your computer, for example on the Desktop.
3. Put the video files that you want to convert into the NUITEQ_VideoConverter/original/ folder.
4. Run NUITEQ_VideoConverter/VideoConverter.exe, it will automatically close when it is finished.
5. Your converted files are now located in NUITEQ_VideoConverter/converted/.


1. Download and install Miro Video Converter from http://www.mirovideoconverter.com/ or from the Mac App Store
2. Drag your video files into Miro Video Converter
3. Select Apple Universal and click Convert