Zones is an app which leverages the multi-user aspect of multitouch. Zones allows users to divide the Snowflake interface in different layouts, so that multiple apps can be used simultaneously in different sections of the screen. Zones is accessible by default, via the corner menu. Don't like having it in the corner menu? No problem, you can disable it in the Configurator.

Zones can be found in both NUITEQ Flow and NUITEQ Snowflake.

You can find a video of how Zones can be used here.

Zones layouts

Zones menu
Zones menu
Expanded Zones menu
Expanded Zones menu

The pictures above represents all the zones that you can launch the apps in. Tapping the plus icon directly below the Zones menu opens up the remaining Zones launch buttons.

Save current


If you have a specific setup of certain apps that find yourself using often, you can save that layout via the Zones menu. After setting up the layout with the apps you want, press the "Save Current" button. This adds a small image shortcut to the Zones menu which opens up the saved app setup when pressed. To remove a previously saved setup, just press the small "x" under the image.

Default layout at Snowflake start

Setting default layout
Setting default layout

The green house icon on a layout indicates that this is the default layout that will be used when Snowflake is started. You can change which one is the default layout from the Zones menu by first pressing the "Set default layout" button in the bottom corner and then touching the layout you want. If you don't want to make any changes you can press the "Done" button instead.

Swapping zones

Swap zones
Swap zones

You can swap an app running in zones with a different zone. Press the zone swap button in the apps corner menu and then touch the zone you wish to switch to.

Highlight content of an app while in zones - Full screen

Image Image
You can zoom into fullscreen with an app open in a zone. This lets you highlight specific content on that particular zone. You can go back out of the full screen zoom again, to the original zones layout (accessible via the corner menu).

Video tutorials

Zones in NUITEQ Snowflake

Below you find a video tutorial of how Zones, can be used in NUITEQ Snowflake, in combination with the 180 degree interface flip feature.

How to Snowflake: The unique Zones tool

Using Sentences with Zones

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